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 All of Kusiak Leather Holsters  : 
 1911 IWB Leather Holsters
 Glock 19 IWB Leather Holster Fits Glock 23 and 32
 Beretta Nano IWB Leather Holster
 Bodyguard 380 Holster IWB/ Also In Tuckable
 Bodyguard 380 Canted with Sweatguard IWB Holster
 LC9 and Lasermax Holster/ Also In Tuckable
 LC9 Lasermax Canted with Sweatguard IWB Holster
 LCP and Crimson Trace Holster/ Also in Tuckable
 LCR Holster Famous Ammo Pouch .------------------------->
 Glock 26 - 27 Holster
 Kahr CW 9mm Holster
 Kahr PM Holster
 Kel Tec  P11 Holster
 H&K P2000  Holster
 M&P Shield 9mm Holster/ Also In Tuckable
 M&P Shield 9mm Canted with Sweatguard IWB Holster
 Sig Sauer P238 Holster/ Also In Tuckable
 Sig Sauer P938 Holster/ Also in Tuckable
 Smith & Wesson 642 Airweight .38 Holster
 SR40 Compact Holster
 Springfield XDs .45 IWB Holster/ Also In Tuckable
 Springfield XDs .45 Canted with Sweathguard IWB Holster
 Walther PPS Holster/ Also In Tuckable
 Walther PPK Holsters Coming Soon !

"KusiakLeather OWB Holsters"
Available for the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380 pistol 


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​Breaking in Holster
The fit of your new Kusiak holster is going to change within the first day of wearing it. Wear the holster for at least a day before trying to stretch it.
There are several things you can do... For a little bit of stretch...with the pistol fully inserted in the holster massage the holster to get the leather to relax around the details of the pistol. If the holster is really tight... fold a 2" square piece of paper down to a 1/2" strip (about 1/16" shim), insert the strip between the trigger guard and the holster, put the holster with the paper strip under your mattress for the night. The pressure will get the leather to conform to the pistol. 
(if any questions please contact us at kusiakleather@live.com  or 818-613-9319) 

If something fails due to material or workmanship, we will repair or exchange holster. Warranty doesn't cover negligence or mistreatment of the holster.

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Bodyguard 380 OWB Leather Holster
Bodyguard 380 Extra Mag OWB Leather Holster
Handmade In USA
"All of our holsters are 100% hand made, using only 
Grade A cow hide"
Bodyguard 380 OWB Thumbsnap Extra Mag  Holster
"Kusiak Tuckable Holsters"

" The Backsides of our Holsters "

Tuckable Holsters 
All of our IWB Holsters

Our New Canted Holsters
Side view
M&P Shield Tuckable and LC9 Lasermax_Crimson Trace Tuckable 

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Ships same day. In most cases.

About Kusiak Leather: 

Kusiak Leather has Over 20 years of Leather Work Experience. Each model holster designed specifically for custom fit. Kusiak Leather Holsters are maintenance free. We use real guns to make our patterns to ensure proper proportions. Our Leather Holsters, Inside the waistband, outside the waistband, pocket holster, are all designed specifically for custom fit. We only work with Grade A cow hide, we only use leather in all of our holsters. 
Handmade/Manufactured in United States of America by Kusiak.

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