Old Fashioned IWB

Old Fashioned IWB

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  • Handmade in USA 
  • Made to OrderFAQs ETA's
  • Maintenance Free / Acrylic Sealant Inside and Out
  • Premium Steer hide, exclusively from Hermann Oaks 
  • 7 Degree Cant on all Old Fashioned Holsters (different cant avail. upon request)  
  • 6/7oz thickness  (Signature IWB 5/6oz thick)
  • High capacity Clip, Black oxide spring steel 
  • Clip Fits any Standard 1 1/2" Belt 
  • Clip 1 3/4" Available upon Request
  • Made to Order - Re-Stocking Fees May Apply - FAQs
  • Phone Orders 818.613.9319


  • *SHIELD 45 | WALTHER PPS PPSM2 EXTRA MAG NOT AVAILABLE If the Extra Magazine has anything protruding on the back it won't work with the ExtraMag option 


  • Pictures shows random gun models.
The Old Fashioned holster is a single layer leather holster, made with 6/7oz thick leather. When you build your holster and you select the Reinforced option, we add an extra layer of 5/6oz leather. The Extra Magazine option is securely added to the holster. It is offset allowing the holster to take the natural curve of your body for a comfortable all day carry experience. The attached Mag Pouch also helps keep the pistol grip closer to your body for added concealment. The Tuck-able option carries just like the Old Fashioned holster, but allows you to slide a shirt between the metal clip and the holster.*Only  recommended if you already tuck in your shirt on a regular basis. 
    We put our holsters to the test! 
    The 7 lbs anvil tests the sturdiness of our Old Fashioned holsters.
    Just to demonstrate the strength of a Reinforced holster, we grabbed the heaviest object we had in our table and tested the holster.
    (It is not limited to 7 lbs)
     Kusiak IWB Holster - Old Fashioned Holster Test Weight Challenge IWB Holster - Old Fashioned Leather Kusiak IWB Holsters Kusiak Old Fashioned IWB Holster Wight Challenger - Thinnest IWB Holsters - Strong USA Made


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