"Break in process to a leather gun-holster"

When you first receive your holster there will be a break in process before you start using your new leather holster. Some holsters will be stiffer than others and so not every holster will require a break in process. If you find yourself having to use too much force to insert your pistol, stop right there and read the rest of this first!

Break in process text:

The first step is to wrap your pistol in plastic. The most common flexible plastic you will find around your home is a grocery bag or you can use the plastic bag provided with your package. By cutting off the handles and cutting off the bottom of the grocery bag it leaves you with a ring of plastic, cut it to make a long strip. Now wrap it all around the muzzle and trigger area the part that will be going inside the holster. After you wrap it in plastic. Fully insert the pistol into the holster, initially your slide might get pushed out of battery, just push it back in. Wear it all day and leave it overnight with the plastic in place... The heat and compression of it being in your waistband will get the material to relax and loosen up a bit. If it is still too tight, add a few more layers of plastic and repeat the process.
*Tuckable holsters loosen the screw before adjusting the clip
*Before trying anything else, please call Kusiak Leather 

*There are other methods of breaking in a leather holster, this one works for us and we recommend to use these steps when trying to break in your Kusiak Holsters. Should any of these steps not work, please contact us and we can always break it in for you. All you have to do is send it back to us with a note and once we break it in we will ship it back to you.

Should you need our help to break in your holster ship it to us with a note:

Kusiak Leather PO Box 1318 Spring Branch, TX 78070.


Break in your holsters with these easy steps

Use the same plastic bag your holster came in with or a grocery bag like the image below.


If you choose a grocery bag make sure to cut off the handles of the bag and the bottom of the bag. See image below.


Then cut across vertical, this will allow you to wrap it around the pistol easily.


break in your leather holster

break in your holster

Now it is ready to wear it around for a few hours, 12 hours or 24 hours, depending on the steer hide side you received it will vary the break in process.The leather could have areas where is more or less porous than other areas, if you receive a holster with lots of fibers it will be a bit less "malleable" to work with. But it is one of the best! sections of the side of the leather. All that this requires is more work and a bit longer break in process.

If after 12 or 24 hours it is still too tight, this just means it needs more break in time, keep wearing it and even leave it overnight with the plastic around the pistol, the several layers of plastic around the gun will help stretch the holster. The leather holster is made out of leather, so it will stretch. The holsters are nice and tight at first because that is the retention necessary to hold your pistol in nice and secured. There is just enough material to stretch, we do not want the lather to overstretch and loosen up too much. 

Picture below is of a Ruger LCP 380 in the break in process with a grocery bag.


Picture below is of a Springfield 911 .380 in the break in process with the plastic bag the holster came in.


Before trying anything else please call or text us. Make sure to be Careful when handling a gun and always treat it as if it is loaded. Thank you!

Kusiak Leather || 210.729.2777

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    Some use Wax paper as well. If you have wax paper at home you may use that as well…

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