Our Story

While working at my grandpa's Cuban bakery, I developed a recipe and the retail package of gourmet brownies. They were sold at farmers market and local food stores. I was baking these brownies after hours in a sketchy neighborhood, and because unlike California [where I grew up] it is so easy to get a concealed weapons permit. I decided that it was time to go gun shopping! Now we’ve all been here… you’ve chosen the gun you’re going to buy and at some point you find yourself at the wall of holsters. That’s when I realized, none of those holsters were going to work for me, because they ride too high, leather is too thick, poor quality or they were plastic… Because I have leather work experience, I knew I could do better. Originally I made holsters for myself, and because friends and other people started asking for them I decided to open up shop. In order to know that I was on the right track, I called my brother who’s a Sheriff in LA, and I asked him to list off all the problems he’s had with inside waistband holsters. Thus resulting in the Kusiak IWB Holster.
Back in 1995 in my mid teens, my mom left the LAPD to start a small custom leather shop in Burbank CA. We were discovered by a prominent prop house in Burbank (Thanks Dave) and we were presented with incredible opportunity to work with this group of geniuses and artists at Neotech. That is where I really expanded my “ abilities “ … working with new materials and processes. 
Several years later, Prop house was pressured into joining the Union… and within a year had to close the doors. That presented the opportunity to change the scenery, that is what brought me to Miami and my grandpas bakery.
About a year of making holsters out of the apartment, it was time to quit the bakery and focus on the holsters full time. We got a commercial space and built our workshop. We then grew more and now our shop is proudly in The Lone Star State,Texas.
The design of the Kusiak IWB could best be described as “ form follows function meets Minimalism”. It is a unique design to the conceal carry world. Our holster offers protection to and from your pistol, secured retention, and provides ready access to it. Our product was created for those who like to conceal carry on a daily basis with a lightweight and unobtrusive and ultimately invisible holster. We generally design for subcompact and compact handguns since they are more popular for conceal carry. We redesigned the holsters a few times since the beginning, always working towards perfection.
These are some of the projects I worked on before Kusiak Leather. 1% contribution to Jean Carlo R on Medieval Times jobs!
Before we were Kusiak Leather - we made Gourmet Brownies Kusiak Leather Holsters previous work mexican sombrero by kusiakcorsette made by kusiak leather handmade golfback by kusiak knight armorer by kusiak