You agree you understand this disclaimer once you purchase a Kusiak Leather Holster Product.
*** Kusiak Leather has no control over how its holsters will be used, or who they will be used by following their purchase, Kusiak Leather and its owners disclaim any and all liability for incidental or consequential damages to people and/or property resulting from any use of the Kusiak Leather products. The decision to carry a firearm, either for recreation or for personal defense, carries the risk and potential for injury and/or death. Therefore, it is advised that you seek out and acquire proper training before using a firearm or any firearm related product.***
-Guns are Dangerous and you need to know your way around your Fire Arm
-Assume your gun is always loaded
-Point To Safe Direction at all times even when your holding a Toy gun!
-Fingers Off Trigger Always until you are ready to Shoot!
-When Your Ready to shoot, Be aware of your surroundings, everywhere....
-Get Your Conceal Carry License!
-Learn Self Defense Techniques!
Disclaimer Since 2010