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Frequently Asked questions:

Lead time and Shipping
Signature IWB Holsters ~ usually in stock otherwise approx. 14 weeks
*Approx. Average time 14-16 weeks
Old Fashioned IWB Holsters
Outsider OWB Holsters
the AMERICAN IWB Holster 
(International Orders please Contact Us for an ETA)
Go to FAQs for more up to date ETAs
 BREAK-IN Holster Instructions
When you receive your Kusiak Holster it will be stiff and it will require a break in period some will be tighter than others, here are a couple of steps you can take to break in your holster.
When you first receive your holster there will be a break in period. Some holsters will be stiffer than others.
The first step is to wrap your pistol in plastic.The most common flexible plastic you will find around your home is a grocery bag.
By cutting off the handles and cutting off the bottom it leaves you with a ring of plastic, cut it to make a long strip.
Now wrap it all around the muzzle barrel and trigger area the part that will be going inside the holster.
After you wrap it in plastic. 
Fully insert the pistol into the holster, initially your slide might get pushed out of battery, just push it back in… insert the holster into
Your waistband and wear it for about 2-3 hours, you should notice a difference at this time. The heat and compression of it being in your waistband will get the material to conform to your pistol.After you’ve worn it all day, leave the holstered pistol overnight with the plastic and you should see a difference in the morning. If it is still too tight, try again. 
Leather will stretch a day in break in is not a big deal for a holster that will last you for years.
* If you order the Tuckable option, loosen the screw before adjusting the clip.
* Before trying anything else and you have any questions, please contact us. 
We take the extra step on every holster, and every holster is sealed inside and out. Maintenance of your holster is not necessary. If you need to clean it, a damped paper towel will do.  
If something fails due to material or workmanship we will Repair your holster at no cost or exchange. If repair is needed, time frame will vary.
Returns & Refunds
30 Days To return the unused holster. Like a pair of shoes, it must be in new conditions. *These are handcrafted leather holsters made by hand, we work really hard to make each and every holster as perfect as we can possibly make them, please be careful when first using the holster if returned we will inspect it prior to your refund. *All holsters Must be Returned in a Box. Shipping is not refundable.
Shipping is not refundable. To Cancel an order for a Refund prior to shipping Email us and in the subject line add Cancel and your order number or your first and last name.
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