MP Shield Outside of the waistband holster - Leather made Holsters for conceal carry OWB


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  • Premium Steer hide, exclusively from Hermann Oaks 
  • 6/7 oz thickness 
  • 7 Degree Cant on all Outsider holsters
  • Maintenance Free / Acrylic Sealant Inside and Out
  • Handmade in USA | Made to Order | ETA varies 4-6 / 7-10 weeks 
  • Phone Orders 818.613.9319     

Our outside of the waistband holster is known for its strength, comfort and simplicity. The Outsider Holsters are made to order, in Black or Brown with a reinforced design that goes through several stages of production for strength and durability, making it the ultimate Leather OWB holster.

OWB Holster & IWB Holster

These two carry styles differ more when it comes to comfort and concealment than in any other respect. The outside of the waistband holsters will allow for a better grip. It is not as concealable as an inside of the waistband holster. The OWB with loop and tunnel design holds the holstered pistol close to the body. Its not hard to see the advantages of carrying outside of the waistband, but it must be experience to fully understand the comfort factor. Also choosing a gun with a shorter grip frame can improve the concealment of an outsider holster. 

An extremely important part of carrying is re-holstering. Which is something that we should practice once we purchase a new conceal carry holster. (Always practice with an unloaded gun) Wearing different clothing and in different occasions if possible. If a real life threatening event should present itself, the more we practice the more muscle memory we will have.   

OWB is more comfortable and faster than IWB most will say, however IWB allows you to carry a full size defensive handgun in almost any wear and in any weather. OWB works for under a jacket or a big shirt. If you are new at carrying an OWB may be a better option for becoming familiar with a concealed carry. Then switching to an IWB and in turn having both options.

Made with a slight forward can't for a smoother draw from the hip.  

 Disclaimer:  Pictures may shows random gun models. Pistols not included.

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