Importance of a GOOD EDC GUNBELT

p365xl holster and gunbelt

A stretching belt will allow shifting in your point of carry and that can be all the difference in a time of need. A good gun belt will hold your holster and handgun exactly where you want it and keep it there. ... This is of importance because the vertical strength of the belt is what supports the holster and handgun

The vertical rigidity of a gun belt is vitally important. Not only does this keep the gun and holster where one means for them to be placed - important for concealment, comfort and security - but is also important because it's necessary for the draw stroke.

Gun belts prevent the gun and holster from sagging outwards, which may expose the weapon. A sagging holster and belt can also twist or catch when sitting down, especially in a car. A belt that isn't designed for concealed carry will often stretch due to the weight of your gun.

Here's what to look for in an EDC concealed carry or open carry belt:
>Heavy-duty tensile strength.
>Reinforced stitching.
>Nylon mesh or leather construction.
>Durable hardware.


Every Day Carry
The industry term for the defensive items that you carry with you on a daily basis has a an acronym called, “EDC.” It stands for Every Day Carry… or the things you carry with you every day.


What if I don't wear a belt?

p365 ulticlip holster

Ulticlip is unlike any traditional holster clip on the market. It has no need for a belt or any other secondary means of support to provide it's retention. This means that Ulticlip has an unprecedented level of retention making your holster more versatile. In order for the UltiClip to work with a Kusiak Holster you will need to order the Tuckable option.

UltiClip 3+ Great for shorts and wearing without a belt.

UltiClip XL Great for short and wearing with or without a belt.

p365 tuckable with ulticlip





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