Ruger Holsters

Ruger Holsters
Ruger is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. With products made in America, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 40 product lines. For more than 70 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility. One of the many reasons why we offer holsters for the Ruger pistols, they are made in America.

 The Signature IWB offers a minimalist style to carrying every day for the Ruger LCP and LC9. It is slim and made specially for the pistol ordered. the Signature IWB is offered for the LCP and the LC9 from Ruger. The Signature IWB holster is not available for the Ruger LCP 2, MAX-9, SR9C/40 OR LCR. You can find Ruger MAX-9, LCP, LCP2, LC9, LC9S, SR9C/SR40C and LCR revolver in the Custom / Old Fashioned IWB holster line.


Is the Signature IWB Holster the right holster for your RUGER?

We can say that Inside the waistband holsters is for most people and most people are looking for a thin holster that adds no bulk to their daily carry, the pistol is heavy and bulky enough; you are looking for the thinnest, to carry comfortably and access it as quickly as possible. That is what the Signature IWB brings to the concealment world. The Signature holster for the Ruger conceals great! This is your minimalist holster!

This holster even though is a leather holster it is treated inside and out making it a solid durable holster for the Ruger LCP and or LC9. The 7 degree forward cant makes the holster simply a holster for a nice deep concealment for your personal protection.

Lets be real, we are not cops, I am not going to sit here and say this is a fast speed tactical holster, but once broken in, you will have a holster that you can easily access your gun from your waistband. Your draw will always be as fast as the number of hours you put into practice. If you don't practice drawing, most likely you will not be a fast at drawing. Practice drawing your weapon "safely" go to the range, take some tactical shooting classes.

These holsters for the Ruger we have available have one great aspect and that is that will last you for years. We have customers coming back for another and another gun model and they still have their first Kusiak holster for their other pistols. The material that it is used to make this Ruger LCP and LC9 holster is Steer Hide which is the male cow skin which is stronger. The cowhide seems to be a lower density (more air in between the cowhide cells) than the steerhide, which is more tightly packed, but maybe thinner. We use 5 to 6 oz thickness of leather for the Signature IWB and the Old Fashioned IWB - American IWB - Outsider OWB we use 6 to 7 oz thickness of Steer hide.

Ruger LCP and LC9 Signature IWB holster notes:

If your gun has optics or other aftermarket add ons like lights or lasers the Signature IWB holster will not have that available. You will need to go into our Custom holster like the Old Fashioned IWB style holster which has many more options available. 

Colors, if you are looking for a Brown holster for your Ruger LCP or LC9 holster, the Signature IWB is only available in black but the Old Fashioned IWB holster which has a slight different design, has Russet light brown and Medium brown which is more of a reddish burgundy brown and black as well.

Cants, the Signature IWB is only available with a 7 degree forward cant unless the Tuckable is ordered, you will be able to unscrew the screw and cant the position to any cant option.

 If you are looking for a thin, sturdy IWB holster for your Ruger LCP or LC9 this is what you have been looking for.




We have a wider variety of Ruger Pistols in our:

Custom /OldFashioned IWB holster line

The Old Fashioned IWB holster starts with premium quality American steer hide which is a stronger leather than regular cow hide. This holster is a more of a traditional designed holster with a modern process. Like every Kusiak holster the Old Fashioned IWB holster is made and press molded under 8 tons of pressure, specifically pressed with replicas of each pistol. The Custom Old Fashioned IWB holster provides the power retention for a great re-holstering after the break in process. This holster is known for its retention, reinforcement easy re-holstering after daily wear. This holster is built to conceal carry and have a proper re-holstering with the reinforcement allowing the holster to remain open for a smooth re-holstering after broken in. It keeps you secure with a design that prevents accidental discharge. Check it out for more....  

Ruger LCP II 380 ACP Carry Conceal Pistol with Rose Gold ...RUGER LCP II 


The new MAX9 and LCP2 are available in the Custom / Old Fashioned IWB holster line. You can customize your holster to carry with an EXTRAMAG attached to the holster, or if you have a RED DOT installed you can choose the RMR cutout, check out the product page for more customization to your every day carry needs.  


The NEW MAX-9™ could be your next handgun. Whether you're new to firearms ownership, or you've been an enthusiast for years, the versatile MAX-9™ is sure to meet your personal protection needs. Comfortable enough to conceal in an inside the waistband holster like our Custom / OldFashioned IWB or American IWB, this micro-sized pistol has it all - without compromising on capacity or features. Rugged, reliable, affordable - the Ruger® MAX-9™. Find more holsters available for the Ruger MAX-9 in our EDC Holsters page, choose from the American IWB "the claw holster", Custom OldFashioned IWB or Outsider OWB for outside the waistband. We have the MAX-9 Replica and each holster is press molded under 8 tons of pressure to ensure the holster fits perfectly to the MAX-9 pistol. The MAX9 come with a manual safety, if you have the MAX9 without the manual safety the pistol will fit as well since the indentation is small on the top section of the sweat guard of the holster. Breaking in the holster is standard like every other leather holster, follow our break instructions and you will have a comfortable holster to wear all day. 



Safety and responsibility have always been a cornerstone of Ruger's philosophy. We base this philosophy on the "Basic Rules of Firearms Safety":
  1. Learn the mechanical and handling characteristics of the firearm you are using.
  2. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, and keep your finger off the trigger, until you are ready to shoot.
  3. Firearms should be unloaded and securely stored when not in use.
  4. Be sure the barrel is clear of obstructions before using.
  5. Be sure of your target before you shoot.
  6. Wear shooting glasses and ear protection when you shoot.
  7. Never climb a tree or fence, or do anything awkward with a loaded firearm.
  8. Don't shoot at a hard surface or at water.
  9. Never transport a loaded firearm.
  10. Avoid alcoholic beverages or drugs when shooting or handling a gun.

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