the AMERICAN Leather Holster

 claw leather iwi holster


The Claw is mainly for Appendix carry (AIWB), if you mainly carry appendix and want maximum concealment you may want a holster that has the claw on it. The Claw helps conceal the pistol by applying pressure to the inside of the belt and rotating the grip of the pistol towards your body for maximum conceal-ability. We've designed this holster for and to work around the claw. If you throw a claw on a holster not made for it, it either won't line up with the belt or the retention will be off.  If you remove the claw, the holster will look unfinished.

the AMERICAN Leather Holster

We start with an Ultra Premium Cut Leather; as you may or may not know certain parts of the skin are better than others... (not to say that we ever use any substandard leather) but the AMERICAN IWB  holster will be cut from the sweet spot of the Grade A Steer Hide. The grain is tightest, most consistent and should ensure the longest possible lifespan of your holster.

The wooden CLAW is 8 layers of 1/42" walnut veneer and the overall thickness is about .2025". We use Shellac™ all natural sealant and it makes the wood as water proof as you would expect leather to be. Paraffin wax and silicone lubricant added to the inside to make your pistol glide in and out easily and also to further protect the finish of your pistol. An All American Product. 

WHY A WOODEN CLAW? When considering materials for the claw, the options were plastic, carbon fiber, metal and wood. Plastic was not an option and carbon fiber would have been too expensive and messy, and we were going to explore metal if the wood didn't work out. We never got to the metal since the wooden claw worked just fine, and I can't imagine that the metal would look as good as the wood. 

Claw features:

CLAW: Walnut Plywood | Water Resistant | 8 layers of 1/42" hardwood walnut | Shellac™ all natural sealant makes the wood as water proof as you would expect leather to be WARRANTY: manufacturer defects

Claw Leather Holster walnut plywood in the making by Kusiak Leather 

Claw holster in the making this is a wooden claw walnut plywood working - made in USA


the AMERICAN IWB Holster the CLAW Holster


Exotic Claw Leather IWB Holster



REINFORCED HOLSTER | The AMERICAN IWB holster has a second layer of 5/6oz leather over the upper section and sweat guard for an added reinforcement as a standard feature. Making it a Stronger Holster, that Stays Open and makes Re-Holstering Easier.




 is securely added to the holster; It is offset allowing the holster to take the natural curve of your body for a comfortable all day carry experience, the attached Mag pouch also helps keep the pistol grip closer to your body for added concealment. Extra Magazine has anything protruding on the back it won't work with the ExtraMag option. Not Available for*Shield 45|Walther PPS/PPSM2. NOT AVAILABLE WITH RMR CUTOUT  
Allows you to slide a shirt between the metal clip and the holster.
*Only  recommended if you already tuck in your shirt on a regular basis. 
*In Order for the Ulticlip to work with our holsters you will need the tuckable option.
If your pistol has optics on it, you need the RMR CutOut. in some cases we will need to see an image of your pistol in order to make the right cut for your AMERICAN IWB Holster.
optics pistols holsters

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