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NexBelt - After using multiple gun belts we have decided that these gun belts best complement our gun holsters, both are thin, sturdy and lightweight. We use these gun belts on a daily basis and they've been the most comfortable that we've found to conceal carry and hold the weight of a pistol nicely in the waistband.      

PreciseFit™ Gun Belts made by Nexbelt. This ratchet system is not only super cool but it is very functional. PreciseFit™ up to 50" waist. Ratcheting belts for concealed carry holsters. If you have a CCW permit this belt is perfect for your wardrobe. Featured with a bullet tip, this high quality brown leather with a light texture allows for the stiffness required for holstering your sidearm while still giving you the most comfortable fit. The removable pewter buckle has a magnetic trigger for quick adjustments of 1/4" and is interchangeable with our other style of belts. The belt backing is made of water resistant PU for enhanced wear and sweat protection. Two set screws designed for a secure hold. Thickness near 3/16". Buckle size 1 11/16” x 2 13/16” – Belt strap width is 1 3/8”. 

Nexbelt Warranty Click here

Nexbelt one-year warranty policy warrants repairs or replacements of the defective part.

If your buckle is out of warranty and you would like to send it in for repair, please use the following address: NEXBELT 10390 Regis Court, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730


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