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Signature IWB Holsters 

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|Email info@kusiakleather.com

  • Handmade in USA
  • Inside the Waistband 
  • American Steer Hide, Exclusively from Hermann Oaks Leather USA
  • Maintenance Free holster / Sealed Inside and Out 
  • 5/6oz thickness (Old Fashioned 6/7oz thick steer hide)
  • 15 Degree Forward Cant 
  • High capacity Clip, Black Oxide Spring Steel 
  • Clip Fits any Standard 1 1/2" Belt only
  • Phone Orders 818.613.9319   
  • Order an ULTICLIP (when ordering Tuckable only) 


  • LCR | JFrame Forward Cant only
  • LCP Left Hand Forward Cant Not Available  


  • Pictures shown have random gun models. The Design of the SIGNATURE IWB Holster is basically the same but tailored to its gun dimensions.When you first receive your holster it will be tight. It is leather and it will stretch. There is a Break In Period, Make sure you wear your new holster that is how you will break it in, drawing and re-holstering will not break in the holster. Wear the holster and the heat and compression from wearing it will break it in for you. the Kusiak gun holsters are sealed inside and out they are maintenance free. If need to clean it a damped towel will do. Any questions about the break in of your Kusiak Holster please contact us immediately. Remember to always look while you re-holster your weapon. 

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