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Signature Kusiak IWB



  The Minimalist holster *formerly the BearBones, a simple low riding leather IWB holster for conceal carry. It is treated inside and out with an acrylic sealant to keep it from absorbing sweat and also helps it to maintain structural integrity.

  If your priority is carrying the thinnest possible holster, look no further. Although this holster is very thin it is sturdy enough to re holster one handed in most situations. (We recommend always using 2 hands to reholster a loaded weapon into a holster that is inside your clothing) 

The Standard (Reinforced)

With theStandard you get everything you get with the Minimalist holster, and for added strength we painstakingly tailored and laminated a  second layer of leather reinforcement around the top section for a more confident re holster.

The Standard Extra-Mag

Its never a bad idea to carry an extra magazine.  theStandard Reinforced Holster with ExtraMag conveniently carries a spare mag without all that extra bulk of a separate mag holster in your waistband or the awful feeling of cluttered, heavy  pockets. It's made as compact as possible for comfort and concealment.


Old Fashioned IWB

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