Glock 43 Holsters - Genuine Leather - Handmade in USA 
Leather Gun holsters are a fine and attractive way to conceal carry.    Cow Hide dominated the holster market for decades, its most comfortable, gentle on your pistols finish, and no matter what YouTube says, leather will always be better than plastic.. can you imagine wearing plastic shoes!.

High quality well made leather holsters will last a lifetime and more.
A proper holster has to meet a certain criteria, while being Thin, Strong, Light and comfortable must also provide Security, Access, Concealment and the one-hand re-holstering ability. We work hard to fulfill these requirements. 

The Kusiak Holsters are press molded to your specific pistol. If you are looking into the Glock 43 holster we have several styles of holsters for the Glock 43. From a Minimalist Thin Holster to a Reinforced holster that takes an Extra Mag attached to the holster. The Glock 43 holster has been one of our best sellers.

For the Glock 43 pistol there are many holster options out there, and since 2007 we have been designing a holster line that is tailored to the conceal carry market. To conceal comfortably, with less bulk, for a more durable reliable lightweight holster. 


Glock 43 holsters


Glock 43 holster Old Fashioned IWB

AMERICAN IWB  [Holster Claw]

glock 43 american holster


Glock 43 OWB holsters available

If you order a holster for your Glock 43 pistol, we have a Glock 43 replica or gun mold to mold into the leather after we seal the holster inside and out. With this process the holster then molds specific to the Glock 43 making the best possible retention. The Glock 43 holsters we offer come in different options, like clip sizes, Minimalist Holster is the Signature IWB line or Old Fashioned IWB for a more reinforced holster with the Reinforcement option available, Extra Mag attached to the holster and different colors available. 

We have found in the 10 years that we have been making holsters that between all the different rides available our position has been with great feedback. The Glock 43 holster for example rides low with a slight 7 degree forward cant, and comfortably carrying in any position with most comfortable concealment ... appendix, 3 o clock 5 o clock any o clock..

Glock 43 holster with mag pouches




Made specifically for IWB - 7 degree cant for comfortable concealment 

[15 degree cant available on Old Fashioned IWBs & American IWB]

1 1/2 " spring steel clip Made in USA grabs nice & tight

Each holster Is made specially for its pistol

Based on Customer Feedback Most Comfortable Holster they've worn


Is the Signature IWB Holster the right holster for your Glock 43?

We can say that Inside the waistband holsters is for most people and most people are looking for a thin holster that adds no bulk to their daily carry, the pistol is heavy and bulky enough; you are looking for the thinnest, to carry comfortably and access it as quickly as possible. That is what the Signature IWB brings to the concealment world. The Signature holster for the Glock 43 conceals pretty good, this is your minimalist holster. 

This holster even though is a leather holster it is treated inside and out making it a solid durable holster for the Glock 43. The 7 degree forward cant makes the holster simply a holster for a nice deep concealment for your personal protection.

Lets be real, we are not cops, I am not going to sit here and say this is a fast speed tactical holster, but once broken in, you will have a holster that you can easily access your gun from your waistband. Your draw will always be as fast as the number of hours you put into practice. If you don't practice drawing, most likely you will not be fast at drawing. Practice drawing your weapon in a safe place and learn about all the safety about handling a gun and go to the range, take some tactical shooting classes if you can.

These holster for the Glock 43 we have available have one great aspect and that is that will last you for years. We have customers coming back for another and another gun model and they still have their first Kusiak holster for their other pistols. The material that it is used to make this Glock 43 holster is Steer Hide which is the male cow skin which is stronger. The cowhide seems to be a lower density (more air in between the cowhide cells) than the steer-hide, which is more tightly packed, but maybe thinner. We use 5 to 6 oz thickness of leather for the Signature IWB and the Old Fashioned IWB - American IWB - Outsider OWB we use 6 to 7 oz thickness of Steer hide.

Glock 43 Signature IWB holster notes:

If your gun has optics or other aftermarket add ons like lights the Signature IWB holster will not have that available. You will need to go into the Old Fashioned IWB style holster which has many more options available.

Colors, if you are looking for a Brown holster for your Glock 43 holster, the Signature IWB is only available in black but the Old Fashioned IWB holster which has a slight different design, has Russet light brown and Medium brown which is more of a reddish burgundy brown and black as well.

Cants, the Signature IWB is only available with a 7 degree forward cant unless the Tuckable is ordered, you will be able to unscrew the screw and cant the position to any cant option.

 If you are looking for a thin, sturdy IWB holster for your Glock 43 this is what you have been looking for.


  • Brenda

    I love the holsters. I have a Crimson Trace laser, LL-803 on a Glock 43, which squares up the holster. Is this something you can or do offer?

  • john

    these are some of the coolest holsters I’ve ever seen and probably the best value for a molded leather IWB holster.

  • Charles from Central Florida

    You have the best designed IWB holsters; extremely functional and comfortable with great style. After many other holsters often at greater cost, I can now truly enjoy carrying my S&W m340 and Kahr cm9. Many thanks for the beautiful holsters, which I received so promptly. Everyone should have at least one.

  • Andy from Indiana

    Purchased the IWB holster for my LC9 from you guys after reading some positive reviews on forums. This is my 3rd IWB holster for the LC9 and by far the best. Clip fits very tight, leather looks and feels great, and while easy to draw from, the LC9 isn’t going anywhere unless I pull it out. Perfect. Thank you for making an excellent product-

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