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The Custom- Old Fashioned IWB holsters are Made to Order, Customize yours in this page.
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Traditional Designed Holster with a Modern Process
After purchasing your gun, a gun holster is more likely the next important item on your buying list. The Old Fashioned IWB holster starts with premium quality American steer hide which is a stronger leather than regular cow hide. This holster is a more of a traditional designed holster with a modern process. Like every Kusiak holster the Old Fashioned IWB holster is made and press molded under 8 tons of pressure, specifically pressed with replicas of each pistol.
The Custom Old Fashioned IWB holster provides the power retention for a great re-holstering after the break in process. This holster is known for its retention, reinforcement easy re-holstering after daily wear. This holster is built to conceal carry and have a proper re-holstering with the reinforcement allowing the holster to remain open for a smooth re-holstering after broken in. It keeps you secure with a design that prevents accidental discharge. 
Custom holster specs:
  • 7 Degree Cant (per request 15 degree cant)
  • Steel Spring clip made in USA 1 5/8 inch or 1 3/4 inch per request (add to note at checkout)
  • Tuckable clip 1 3/4-inch clip, works with 1 3/4-inch belts only
  • IWB Inside the Waist | AIWB Appendix Inside the Waist

  • Trigger guard area covered

  • American Steer 6/7oz exclusively from Hermann Oaks (SignatureIWB5/6oz)

  • Protects gun against the skin, shield covers up to the top of the slide



REINFORCED - A second layer of 5/6oz leather over the upper section and sweat guard for an added reinforcement. Making it a Stronger Holster, the holster Stays Open and makes Re-Holstering Easier!

EXTRAMAG Is securely added to the holster; It is offset allowing the holster to take the natural curve of your body for a comfortable all day carry experience, the attached Mag pouch also helps keep the pistol grip closer to your body for added concealment. Extra Magazine has anything protruding on the back it won't work with the ExtraMag option. Not Available for*Shield 45|Walther PPS/PPSM2 

TUCKABLE - Allows you to slide a shirt between the metal clip and the holster. Allows you to exchange from the Kusiak clip to the Ulticlip 3+ or XL. Allows you to cant the holster from 0cant to 15 degree cant.  In Order for the Ulticlip to work with our holsters you will need the "Tuckable" option.

RED DOT READY - RMR CUTOUT - If your pistol has a red dot or will in the near future, you will need to order the RMR cutout. Reinforcement RMR Cutout means you will have a second layer of 5 to 6 oz. leather over the upper section and sweat guard for an added reinforcement. Making it a Stronger Holster, the holster stays Open and makes Re-Holstering Easier!