What is "Made in USA"?

What is

What Is "Made in the USA"?

"Made in the USA." It's a label that evokes patriotism, carries an unspoken promise of quality, and has a political undertone of job security for American workers. It's also more complex and harder to define than one might expect. The official definition of a "Made in the USA" label as set forth by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that a product advertised as "Made in the USA" be entirely or virtually entirely made in the United States.
All of our material comes from companies here within the USA, from our leather, dye, clips, glue... we can say Kusiak Leather holsters are "Made in the USA". Each holster is made and molded specifically for each pistol after its broken in it will have the power retention for a great re-holstering. Our holsters are known for its retention, reinforcement easy re-holstering.These holsters are built to conceal carry and have a proper re-holstering and by adding the reinforcement it allows the holster to remain open for a smooth re-holstering after broken in. Here are some of the options offered and what they mean...


A second layer of 5/6oz leather over the upper section and sweat guard for an added reinforcement. Making it a Stronger Holster, that Stays Open and makes Re-Holstering Easier. See [Old Fashioned IWB] [American IWB]

Leather/hide from Hermann Oak, USA. 

concealment holstersREINFORCEMENT ON HOLSTERSconcealment holsters


Is securely added to the holster; It is offset allowing the holster to take the natural curve of your body for a comfortable all day carry experience, the attached Mag pouch also helps keep the pistol grip closer to your body for added concealment. Extra Magazine has anything protruding on the back it won't work with the ExtraMag option. Not Available for*Shield 45|Walther PPS/PPSM2. See [Old Fashioned IWB] [American IWB]




Allows you to slide a shirt between the metal clip and the holster. *Only  recommended if you already tuck in your shirt on a regular basis. In Order for the Ulticlip to work with our holsters you will need the tuckable option. Avail. in the following line of holsters [Signature IWB][Old Fashioned IWB][American IWB] 

Clips used are made in the USA American steel.

UltiClips are also made in USA by The UltiClip company.

Image below: Custom | OLD FASHIONED IWB | EXTRA MAG | Tuckable | Russet Brown w/ULTICLIP 3+ INSTALLED




If your pistol has a red dot or will in the near future, you will need to order the RMR cutout. Avail. in the following line of holsters [Old Fashioned IWB][American IWB] [Outsider OWB]



WHERE OUR COW HIDE COMES FROM IS IMPORTANT TO US: We buy our cow hide from Hermann Oak, they are an American company and we are all about helping our locals. Here is a little bit about what they do and what they stand for. The raw materials used in this Vegetable Tannage process are primarily organic in nature. Our largest used chemicals are tannin from tree bark (made by boiling the bark in the water, just as tea and coffee are made, and a chemical present in any stream in forested areas), limestone (for removing the hair, and also used for adjusting pH in both drinking water and municipal wastewater systems), and oils (from fish and animals). The organic nature of our leather means that it is the most biodegradable of all leathers. Hermann Oak hides come from the major U.S. beef packing houses, where the cattle are processed under strict USDA supervision in the most humane way possible. While we respect the views of those opposed to the harvesting of animals for food, the current state of humanity includes protein in its diet. The hide taken from the cattle is the wrapper, an item that has no value if not processed into leather. Like a shipping box, it would be sent to the landfill if not for the tanning industry converting the hide into one of the mankind's oldest and most widely used fabrics. Since the hide accounts for only 5% of the value of the steer, it has essentially no effect on the number of cattle raised for beef.  TANNERY HERMANN OAK

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