Choosing A 1911 Holster

There are several reasons why we carry and there are different options available.911 leather iwb holster When looking for a new holster we want to keep the holster securely in our waistband, concealed, safe and accessible. A high-quality leather holster can go a long way vs a regular low-quality leather holster. There is a big difference.

IWB Holster

1911 Holster for IWB, inside the waistband carry is a great way to conceal your 1911. It sits nice and low inside your waistband and you can comfortably conceal carry all day. Comfortably in a sense that what is touching your body is a leather holster not the metal of your gun. Whether a gun is big or small they sit in an area in our body that we always know they are there, but some textures and materials are more comfortable than others since we get to choose. A holster claw or our American IWB holsters have this claw that brings the grip of your pistol towards your body by applying pressure to your belt, this provides maximum concealment.


A lot of people find IWB to be the most popular way of conceal carrying. IWB requires a perfect fit pressed molded treated leather made holster with the best retention possible. With a thin leather holster like the American IWB you add little to no weight to your carrying. No Bulk, thin and sturdy... a holster with some good looks to carry around your handsome 1911.

Clearly we are not on duty to fast speed draw our gun, should we practice how to properly draw a weapon in a fast pace situation, Absolutely! We want a holster that holds Nice and tight our weapon, that we can easily access it. It is always a good practice to use both eyes and both hands to draw your weapon. The more we practice the better we will be in a stressful situation.

OWB Holster

Absolutely it is more comfortable to carry outside of the waistband, but it is not as concealable. 

OWB Carry Holsters are very easy to draw from. OWB is naturally harder to conceal than IWB, especially for bigger guns like the 1911. OWB carry requires a holster that holds the gun tight to the body. Quick easy draw access and reinforcement to achieve an opened holster even when the gun is not inserted.




Basically we all look for a well made well fitted 1911 holster that can last us a long time. 
We want to have a holster that provide the less possible extra printing, a holster that will prevent from accidental exposures and in that it has the best retention, IWB or OWB. 









~ A few things to think about~


How will the holster feel once I have it on my person? It should be comfortable, if you had to compared it to the gun against your body, steel cold gun vs a leather separation against your body, I'd go with the leather please!. You have to wear it around and get a feel for the comfort of it, find your comfort position when walking doing shores, sitting around and remember to practice.1911 AND JFRAME COMFORTABLE LEATHER HOLSTERS Practice makes perfect. Always remember to treat your pistol as if it was loaded at all times. When carrying we always know our gun is there on our person, we just need to be able to wear it around and comfortably conceal it. A great belt is always a good idea when carrying a heavy concealed carry gun. Our recommenced Gunbelt is the NEXBELT.


We have to know where our guns are at all times. When we have it on us, we need to be aware of our surroundings wherever we are. Whether is IWB or OWB, we don't want our gun to be grabbed by someone, or for the gun to fall off our waistband and or have an accidental discharge due to a bad retention holster. As long as you have a well made leather holster to hold on tight to your pistol you shouldn't have to worry too much.. too much... Always "break in your new holster" just like you would break in a new pair of running shoes before running that long marathon.

Specific Made For

You want to make sure your holster was designed for the gun you've ordered. If you are ordering for a 1911 pistol you want it to be for that specific pistol, pressed molded to perfect fit. I am going to tell you there is this soft leather gun holster image/picture out there in the internet giving leather holster a bad name.
This holster shows a section of the leather folding in between the trigger guard "that apparently caused a misfire" it seems as though this person was sitting in his car and tried to re-holster his pistol, and one thing we don't do is re-holster while we are sitting in the car. We have layers of shirts in between and things can go wrong. But with a 1 size fits all holster is how this happens. A KUSIAK Holster will NEVER replicate that on the top image, that is a soft leather holster made for a different pistol than what it was inserted there. We need a precise shaped leather holster that is specially made to the pistol that is being ordered. that's it!

*Shown in image below a black American IWB holster with a wooden light brown claw with thP365XL LEATHRE HOLSTER 1911 LEATHER HOLSTERS HIGH QUALITY MADE IN USAe RMR Cutout still waiting for the RMR ... with the separate Mag pouch. This is a holster claw for maximum concealment of larger pistols. Carries best in AIWB.

Quick Draw

We have found that a 7 degree forward cant , conceals very well the IWB and OWB holsters. A straight drop sits the pistol a bit high not concealing it as well as one with a slight forward cant. You want to look for a low riding canted holster. Practice makes perfect. Practice drawing your pistol, go to a local shooting range, search for local veteran owned companies that provide classes to assist you with your conceal carry needs.

If you cannot go in person there are virtual videos to teach you1911 LEATHER HOLSTER FOR MAXIMUM CONCEALMENT how to different scenarios, but it is nothing like the real deal. Sometimes these training happens on the weekend and they are a 3 days of an unforgettable learning experience


We don't want to alarm anyone, but we need to make sure our conceal holster provides the maximum concealment possible so that others don't see we are conceal carry at the maximum 1911 holstercarrying a gun on us. A Holster Claw provides Maximum concealment.


It is just a holster, but it is just a gun. We want our gun to look good, lets match it with a quality good looking holster... why not! Some holster have extra magazines attached to the holster to carry with you. A spare mag never got anyone mad... also tuckable, a lot of people don't know of tuckable, tuckable is the way the clip is held by the holster that allows us to tuck in our shirt and still conceal our pistol. A combination of color selection brown to black and options like RMR cutout, Laser lights combo with the gun, different holster made for different pistol with add ons or without.



The 1911 is a classic gun model and you want to make sure you treat it with the best quality holster.

Choosing a 1911 leather holster is one of the most important decisions you will make. Buy it right ! Buy it once !







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